Trawers Printing House
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Our Capabilities:

• multicolor printing (CMYK, Pantone) • UV varnishing • gold foiling • embossing • die-cutting • laminating • hologram production • numbering and special label marking • printing on adhesive and backing

The modern Gallus EM-280 and Gallus ECS-340 label printing lines also offer you additional capabilities.

Peel-off type layered label printing.

A Peel-off label is a two-layer product with three different sides. It allows for containing three times more content than a standard label. These types of labels are most commonly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical industries, as well as in marketing promotions and contests.

Specialized product marking e.g., Braille alphabet,

This technology uses ultraviolet radiation and involves printing varnish through a specialized screen. The advantages of this marking method include the transparency of the printed Braille points, allowing for freedom in placing the Braille inscription in a chosen location on the packaging. Screen printing is also suitable for large-scale industrial production and can be used on various materials - film, paper, and others. This method has been adequately refined - it offers good stability of point height.

Our labels are designed for both automatic and manual labeling, used in weigh-labeling machines, as well as many other specialized applications.